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Instrumental Lessons

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Piano Lessons

Ages 4 and up

Early Childhood

Toddler Class coming soon!

Early Childhood Classes

Toddler Class 

Coming soon!


Music learning at this age is full of fun and imagination! This class will cultivate a love of music and develop your child’s music skills and abilities. Children and adults will be engaged in music making through singing, dancing, circle games, nursery rhymes, puppets, and much more! You and your child will have such fun learning and developing your melodic and rhythmic abilities. There will be resources available between classes as well, so the music making can continue on your own.

General Music Lessons

General Music Lessons

This type of class would teach and support the objectives that are traditionally taught in a general music classroom. Students can engage in learning through various activities such as singing, instrument playing, listening to music, movement/dance activities, soprano recorder, and much more! Classes will encompass music literacy (theory and reading music), music history, and music appreciation. The benefit of a private class is that the learning can be tailored to your child’s personal interests, and learning goals can be decided collaboratively between the student, parent/guardian, and teacher.

Group Lessons

This type of class would include all of the same activities and learning goals as the General Music lessons. With more students, there is more opportunity for collaboration and group projects such as virtual ensembles! Group classes can include students who are one grade level apart if necessary.

Instrumental Lessons

Beginner & Intermediate Levels

This type of lesson teaches music literacy, history, and appreciation through a specific instrument, or instruments. The studio offers a variety of instrumental lessons, at different levels. Group lessons are also available!

Band Instruments

Beginner & Intermediate Levels








Advanced Level

We offer advanced instruction on various instruments. 

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Piano Lessons

Learning to play piano builds lasting musicianship and fosters a love of music in your child. We offer beginning and intermediate piano lessons, and lessons are also available for adults who would like to learn a new instrument!

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