The Music Maker Studio offers comprehensive online music courses to students of varying ages. At The Music Maker Studio, your child will be engaged in fun and interactive sessions that will help to build or enhance their musical abilities.

Class Descriptions

Whether you are looking to bond with your baby through music, cultivate a love of music in your toddler, or enhance your school aged child's musical learning, The Music Maker Studio has the course for you!

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What Can Music Do For Your Child?

Research has shown a strong link between music learning and achievement in various other aspects of education. Auditory and language processing, coordination, and pattern recognition are just some of the skills that can be developed through engagement with music. A child’s imagination blossoms through music making, and critical thinking skills are cultivated. Music is essential for a child’s well-rounded education, and success in music can bring your child a new level of self-confidence. Being involved in music has even been linked to higher test scores and success in other areas of education.

“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.” – Plato

It has been widely acknowledged that music learning cultivates success and confidence in other parts of a child’s life. However, music has immeasurable value in and of itself. Music and the arts are what distinguishes human life from that of any other species. It is something that we do to better ourselves and improve our lives. Listening to and participating in music calms the soul.  Investing in your child’s music education is a gift that will continue to benefit them for their entire life.

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